Interaction Designer / UX Designer.


Oh by the way...

Besides the projects above, I can also design and code websites. This website was made by me using HTML5, CSS, Jquery and Bootstrap. It's also responsive, check it out on your phone!

About Me

I'm Oskar, an interaction design student from Sweden currently doing my second year at the Interaction Design program at Malmö university.

As a designer I am passionate about creating pleasant and intuitive user experiences both for screen-based applications and tangible digital artifacts.

During my education I have gained a wide variety of skills in both design tools such as the Adobe suite, JavaScript and Arduino, and design process like concept development and the gathering of qualitative and quantitative data

Currently looking for an internship for autumn 2017!

Contact me on

Telephone: +46 7 33 12 68 70

E-mail: oskar-hansson@hotmail.com